Lexicomp Drug Information Handbook


Undoubtedly, Lexicomp Drug Information Handbook is a great reference to have.

  • The 31st edition has more than 1436 drug monographs, each offering up to 40 fields of information specific to a particular medication.

The same drug information content can be found at UpToDate, but with missing information in

  • Storage/stability
  • Preparation for Administration
  • Extemporaneously Prepared

Useful Features

Extensive brand name search

  • Covers international brand names too.

Extensive dosing information

Adverse Reactions (Significant): Considerations

Lexi-Interact covers both drug interaction and drug allergy checker.

  • You may still able to add drugs that is not available in United States.

Mobile Application

Its mobile application provides a faster drug information searching and more intuitive drug interaction checker. In early September 2019, the user interface of Lexicomp mobile application is updated.

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Handy Tips

  1. When viewing drug monographs, you should use the "JUMP" button on the top right corner for faster navigation.

    Screenshot Image

  2. You may adjust the text size of drug monograph under preferences to have a better overall visual experience.
  3. You may opt for auto update through WiFi and Data or WiFi only in the setting menu under preferences.